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Shrew Extermination


Shrews are a common outdoor pest in the Madison WI area. They are about the size of a mouse but are dark gray to black in color with a pointed nose and short tail. Shrews are not rodents but insectivores, feeding mainly on insects like grasshoppers, crickets, spiders, snails and worms. They also feed on seeds, especially during the winter months. Often times they are seen poking their heads through the snow under bird feeders. Shrews have a very high metabolism and can eat up to 3 times their body weight every day.

Shrews become a pest when they find their way into walls, usually on the outside of homes. Home owners often notice a foul odor in a room and cannot locate the source. This is due to their latrine area inside the insulation. Yes, unknown odors can be from shrews constantly defecating in one area of your wall, creating nasty odors.

The professional exterminators at Kwik Kill Pest Control Inc will locate these entry points outside and seal them up, preventing future shrew issues. Our Mouse Proofing Service, Home Protection Program or Perimeter Rodent Control service will prevent infestations in the future.


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