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There are two species of rats common to the US, the roof rat and the Norway rat. Roof rats are not found in Wisconsin so we are only going to comment on Norway rats. If you have a rat problem it is because of three common factors, food, shelter and water. If you can eliminate two of these requirements, you will not have rats. Rats will feed on a variety of things including grains, meats, fish, and processed foods.

Effective control strategies start outside. You want to eliminate all food sources by keeping dumpsters closed with tight fitting lids. Do not feed birds or squirrels with corn or millet as this will only land on the ground and attract rats. Leaving a bowl of dog food will attract rats. Feed Rover only enough food so he finishes it. Next you want to eliminate harborage. Rats like to burrow into the ground and hide those burrows. Pick up boards, sheet metal, wood piles and other junk around the property that would provide them harborage. Water sources are difficult to eliminate but keep in mind rats need water daily and any source that you can eliminate will help.

To prevent rats from entering the building make sure all doors are kept closed especially at night. Doors need good weather stripping and should fit tight. Seal holes around foundation and where utilities enter the building. Fix broken windows.

Our Commercial Mouse and Rat Prevention Program will address all these issues and include perimeter baiting to stop rats before they get in.



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