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Chipmunk Removal


Chipmunks are a big problem in Madison and Dane county. They have few predators and their populations get out of control. Food sources include bird feeders, acorns, hickory nuts and walnuts. They will chew holes in outside walls and store a cache of nuts for the winter. Our service will trap the problem chipmunks and then seal their holes, preventing future problems.

Kwik Kill can quickly reduce their populations by trapping. We will locate and repair holes leading into your home and advise you on preventing future problems.  Our Perimeter Rodent Baiting is also a great preventative measure for the future to greatly reduce rodent populations outside.  This will reduce the chances of them chewing holes into your home or digging holes around your foundation or around rock walls, patios or entryways.


For more info check out the link below:

Chipmunks- Penn State University


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