Woodpecker Removal


Woodpeckers become pests when they peck holes in siding and create expensive repairs to your structure.  We offer 3 levels of protection to best suite you and eliminate your destructive unwanted friends.  Season and habits of the nuisance woodpeckers will help us determine your best plan of action to protect your property from destructive woodpeckers.  Woodpeckers are protected by the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act and cannot be killed.  As always we follow all Federal and Wisconsin DNR best management practices for our woodpecker deterrent services.

Visual Deterrent Woodpecker Service

This service is your first step to eliminating woodpeckers and includes installing a combination of a couple bird flashers as well as streamers.  We will allow 7-10 days for woodpeckers to be evicted before returning to set indicators over woodpecker holes.  If indicators are not breached for a few days it is time to repair damage and holes to help prevent their return.  In many cases this “one-time service” is enough to deter nuisance woodpeckers and send them somewhere else.

Audio Woodpecker Deterrent System

If woodpeckers are well established, nesting, brooding or over wintering in your structure we may need to take a more aggressive approach to eliminate problem birds.  Our Audio Woodpecker Deterrent System includes the visual service above as well as the installation of an audio deterrent box with two speakers which will provide coverage around your home or for up to 1/2 acre.  Allow this service a few weeks to work and even your most persistent  woodpeckers will be gone.  Once this system is in place ask about our Guaranteed Woodpecker Prevention services for the future.


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