Squirrel Removal


Squirrels are a major problem in the Madison area. They will nest in attics and garages, and if left alone they will occupy these areas for many generations. Gray Squirrels are the most problematic. They not only cause significant damage to the soffits by chewing holes, but they also chew on wires and can cause electrical fires. What usually attracts them to these areas are branches too close to the house, deteriorated soffits or fascia, lack of screening on roof and gable vents, and the availability of food.  It may be difficult to eliminate all food sources, but bird feeders are a good place to start.

Kwik Kill addresses all these factors when we service your home for squirrels. A typical job will entail live trapping and relocating the problem squirrels, removing branches that are closer than 10 feet to prevent other squirrels from getting onto your home and identifying their entry points into the home and repair them to prevent future problems. Animal Exclusion may include soffit or fascia repair or screening damaged vents, chimney caps or attic fan guards.


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