Raccoon Removal


Raccoons are major pest in the Madison area. They are destructive and will defecate in your attic causing odor and parasite issues.  Raccoons spread fleas, diseases, parasites, and can be rabid.  Raccoons are very strong animals and we have seen raccoons back into the soffit on a dormer and with the strength of their hind legs push the soffit up, pulling out the nails and getting into the house.  We have also seen them tear both vinyl and wood siding off or rip a roof vent off to get into the attic.  It is usually female raccoons doing this to have a safe place to drop their litter.  It is very common for raccoons to climb down an uncapped chimney and have their babies on top of the chimney flue. Spring is the most common time to have these problems with raccoons.

Kwik Kill offers many services associated with raccoon infestations.  First thing we do is inspect your home for entry points and routes onto your house.  We will determine if and where the raccoons are nesting and whether they have had their babies yet or not.  We will set traps to capture the problem animals and offer Animal Exclusion and preventive measures such as screening vents and capping chimneys.  We can trim branches or remove shrubs if needed.  If the raccoons have been in the attic for awhile, you will have piles of feces that will have to be removed.  In some cases we may also advise you to treat for fleas and parasites in the attic.  We offer deodorizing and sanitizing services as well.  Every raccoon job is unique and not all these services may be necessary but when you contract with Kwik Kill you can be assured we will do the job in a professional manor with lasting results.

Animal Proofing or Exclusion is the best way to prevent damage from raccoons.  We have high grade Raccoon proof products specifically designed to prevent raccoons from getting in thru chimney caps on fireplaces, soffits, fascias, attics and/or roof vents.  Arborvitaes planted too close to the house are an easy way for coons to get on your roof.  Be sure to trim branches back at least eight feet from your home to prevent them from getting on the roof.  Pet food and bird feeders outside will also attract raccoons.  If you notice piles of feces outside around decks and the foundation, you can be sure that coons are scoping your home out.


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